Portrait Service


The studio caters for clients wishing to commission high quality bespoke sculptures for commemorative purposes. The sculptures are produced in bronze or other durable material such as resin, plaster or stone; they may be either head or head and shoulders (bust) and can be produced in a variety of sizes.  Each subject and subsequent sculpture is treated as a unique project where ‘likeness’ extends to embrace and capture the essence and spirit of the sitter’s life and character.

The process
The portraits are produced from life where possible. A number of sittings will be arranged, preferably at the studio or in situ by arrangement where the sculpture will start with a clay model. Drawings will be produced and photographs made to provide important visual reference, allowing the work to be continued after each sitting.  Photographs may be used exclusively where necessary for example when the portrait is posthumous. Drawings may be purchased as part of the commission. Once the clay sculpture is complete it will be sent to the foundry to be cast into bronze and any final finishes will be applied.

The cost of a portrait can vary depending upon size, medium, and complexity. Different finishes, colours and patination are possible. Cost will be discussed and agreed at the outset but as a rough guide, a life sized head in bronze costs around £5000, less for other materials.

Once the commission has been agreed, payments will be made in instalments at 3 separate stages: once at the start, once after the client is satisfied with the clay model and lastly on delivery of the work. 

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait sculpture please contact Ebor studio: info@eborstudio.co.uk