Ebor Artists

Ebor Studio currently has sixteen studio artists, and several associate artists, who's work spans across sculpture, painting, textiles, drawing, environmental art, film and sound.

Resident Artists

Cheryl Beswick

Cheryl Beswick’s work is a celebration of femininity and fragility, this is reflected in the materials and motifs she uses in the creation of her works. Her textile work fuses together traditional craft-based techniques, including embroidery, stitch work and applique, with contemporary techniques such as screen printing, illustration and etching. The composition in Cheryl’s recent body of work concerns contrasting pattern, intricate detail and ornamentation. Cheryl created Sweet and Crunchie in 2008 and works in collaboration with the community using knitting, embroidery, needle art and print to promote traditional crafts. Most recently Cheryl has collaborated with a team of local Rochdale based artists to form ‘Involved Arts’. Involved Arts create public art installations in unexpected places in the local urban environments. 
 Contact: sweetandcrunchie@me.com

Bob Francis

Website: www.bobfrance.com

Alison Cooper

John Prince

Paul Haywood

Paul Haywood is Professor of Creative Community Engagement and teaches in the School of Art and Design at the University of Salford. His current research involves art and enterprise education with young people as a way of developing social campaign activism. For a number of years Paul Haywood has been collaborating with other artists on local landscape identity. He uses photography to make simplified abstract compositions from horizon landscapes. He is specifically interested in colour and colour occurrence as a contributing tool to landscape representation, developing colour palettes that relate to specific locations. He has a painting studio at Ebor Studio and is currently developing compositional studies in oil, based on primary colour relationships.

Martha Haywood

As well as a resident artist at Ebor, Martha is also the Programme Manager for the Studio's gallery space. Her work is prominently sculpture and installation based but she also works in drawing, photography and performance.

"In practice I search for Jung’s definition if alchemy: ‘Spirit imprisoned in Matter’. I perform an act of discovering through physical play and intervention with material and space in my present environment and I respond visually and sensorially. The themes of my work are instinctive, precious connections to human and poetical understanding. I collect and experiment to seek opportunities for dialogues with, and through, the material worlds that site my practice; sometimes harmonies, sometimes crisis.
  • Themes: life, death, growth, decay, ephemera, relationship, nature, gesture, love, romance, humour, tragedy, play, instinct, senses, femininity, menstration , reaction, response, affection, temperature, chemistry, earth, states of matter, matter, time, space, place, sight, lifecycle, anthropomorphism, maternal, mortality, remains, furniture, light, sound, journey, natural material, casting, alchemy, mindfulness, poetry, intervention, morphism, discovery, alchemics, laboratory, making, absurdity, psyche, intervention, sculpture, drawing, performance, harmony, residue, experience, understanding, unknowing, reflection, tension.
  • Relationships: material and environment, human to human, the authentic and the surrealism, the absurd and the necessary, love and romance, sadness and humour.

Karen Lyons

"My work is essentially sculptural in origin, which is to say that I am a maker (and appropriator), of objects through which I examine the processes of making, touching and positioning, and the expressive means thereof. The pre-eminence of the body as a primary source and medium is heavily implicated and finds substance through site specific installation, performance and sculpture. Drawing is highly important to the inception of all my work and is a major part of my creative output." 

Contact: karen@karenlyons.co.uk

Lindsay James (Violet Flamingo)

Violet Flaming0 is a company created by me, Lindsey James. I studied fashion design and manufacture at university and went on to work for a small British fashion brand for over six years. Whilst I was there I also gained experience outside of work in theatre, styling and freelance pattern cutting. I have always been inspired to create individual clothing and used to spend my week nights producing pieces to wear over the weekend. This led me to making things for my friends and that is where Violet Flamingo began. I have never been drawn to mass produce clothing, I have always found it more satisfying to create unique pieces cut to fit my individual clients.
Every element of each garment is executed by me. I have consultations with each client to discuss ideas, bring those together as a final design, pattern cut, fit, manufacture and do all the finishing touches to your required piece. Whether I’m producing an elegant bridal gown or a cute summer dress I always aim to use high quality materials and work to the highest standard possible. All enquires are welcome at Violet Flamingo.

Helmut Lemke

Helmut Lemke is a german sound artist who moved to the UK in 1996. Sound, the audible, the inaudible and the imaginable, is the basis of Lemkes’ work. Since he started his journey into the world of sound more than 35 years ago, he investigated sounds that are around us, some are obvious, some are familiar, some have to be found... and he has performed and exhibited process based work in respond to his investigations.  His endeavour has taken him to concert halls and outdoor markets, to Galleries and Museums and to the frozen seas off Greenland, to Function Rooms of Pubs and to International Festivals. He has presented his work all over the globe, collaborating with other Sound Artists and Musicians, with Dancers and Scientists, Visual Artists and Architects, Poets and Archaeologists, Performance Artists and Wildlife Rangers.  Since 1995 he has taught at art academies & universities in Germany, France, England, Finland, Thailand. From 1997 until 2000 he was lecturer at the pioneering Phonic Art Course in Hull. He was Research Fellow in Interactive Arts (Media Events) at Manchester Metropolitan University in 1997. From 2004 to 2007 he held an AHRC-Fellowship at the University of Salford in which he researched the question in how far sound is an appropriate tool for the representation of an environment at a specified time. His Research has taken him to Upernavik/Greenland, Reykjavik/Iceland, Koppelo/Finland and other places in Europe

Kerry Morrison

Working in colloaboration or independently, Kerry's approach is process-led, socially engaging, art/ecology practice that investigates human-nature relationships. She navigates throught the complexities of the social, environmental and economic, via live art and happenings, action installations, temporary and semi-permanent public art. Kerry is also a PhD research student, Environmental Science, Salford University. Research title: "Art practice interventions to aestheticize Brownfield landscapes leading to the development of an integrated assessment tool for brownfield sites in urban areas." 


Daniel Nuttall

Daniel Nuttall is the Technical officer in charge of running the glass studios at Manchester Metropolitan University where he has worked for over 20 years. Dan is a practicing glass artist specialising in all glassmaking techniques including the ancient art of glass fusing and also glass blowing.
His kiln fired work consists of coloured glass rods fused into complex patterns exposed by grinding and polishing. His blown work is achieved by blowing clear molten glass often into formers lined with wire mesh.

Mark Prince

Mark Prince is visual artist whose main focus is viewer interaction/participation with an aim to open art to as wide a range of people as possible. He graduated from the University of Salford in 2009 with a BA (Hons) in Visual Arts and is currently studying towards an MA in Creative Education at the University of Salford. Mark works in a variety of media including drawing, painting and installation using a wide range of materials such as acrylic paints, glue and inks. His current practices include using glue and ink to produce paintings that encourage the viewer to find their own meaning in the image as well as being directed towards certain imagery and aspects of the painting. Mark also produces models based on ideas for installations (realistic as well as unrealistic) that look at various ways of forcing viewer interaction by experimenting with a number of techniques. Inspiration comes mainly from everyday experiences. 

Contact: mark_pgb@myway.com

Angela Tait

Working with materials both traditional and experimental, Angela explores the themes of the passage of time, the domestic and maternity through the medium of sculpture. She is fascinated by the idea of the woman as maintainer and celebrates this role and the strength of the domestic ritual. Her work is process driven, often relying on meticulous repetition as a representation of the mundanity of these domestic processes. Angela's current projects include the ritual building and firing of a series of sculptural kilns. She is also involved in the Creative Hive, a website designed to provide opportunities for people in the creative industries. 

Contact: mummytait@yahoo.co.uk


ArtYarn formed in 2008 and continue to collaborate with local community groups, world wide knitting and crochet networks and arts organisations to create gallery installations, public arts projects and creative craft workshops. ArtYarn also provide a consultancy service for visual arts project involving textile works, one-to-one tuition and bespoke knitted and crocheted art work. ArtYarn is coordinated by founder member and visual artist Rachael Elwell.

Website: www.artyarn.org
Contact: info@artyarn.org

Jenny Driver

Jenny combines interests in architecture and history with a love of painting. Working mainly in acrylic, she seeks to capture vandalised and derelict buildings before they are lost forever in our continually changing urban environment – ‘there one minute, gone the next’.

There is a strong element of pathos in her painting; her work evokes memories combining mixtures of sadness and smiles. ‘I used to play there as a kid’, ‘I remember when…’ etc. A recognised building no longer exists or is depicted in a decrepit state. She acknowledges that the derelict, unloved and forgotten can also become a thing of beauty and an interesting subject matter Whilst working for the Local Studies Department, Jenny has developed an interest in what is no longer there, buildings that have been lost and only exist in a few memories and photographs. Her current project focuses on Belfield Hall which was demolished in around 1916.

Contact: jennifer_driver_art@hotmail.com

Associate Artists

Hesther Haywood
Hesther is a Fashion Designer currently based in Nimbo, China. She has previously worked closely with the resident artists of Ebor on projects such as 'ColourEdge' in designing clothing for the art project and has been a prominent figure in organising events within the Studio and for Littleborough Arts Festival in 2014 and 2015.

Rachael Elwell
Rachael Elwell is a visual artist specialising in contemporary drawing and illustration. Her practice is concerned with the simplicity and delicate nature of the hand drawn line. Her research explores composition through the visual collisions that occur when repetitive motives, geometric forms and free formed drawing processes are worked together. 
Website: www.rachaelelwell.co.uk 
 Contact: info@rachaelelwell.co.uk

Ben Gwilliam
Ben Gwilliam is a sound artist and improvising musician working in the cross fields of installation, performance and film. His work draws upon an attention to the sounds about/between things, be it objects, spaces or recordings. It is these sounds and their contexts that reveal visual and musical processes of listening and looking. It is from this curiosity about sound-making/recording/finding and how abstract/descriptive that sounds can be, that he makes parallels and similarities unpicking the relationship between those uncovered sounds and moments of primary experience.