Exhibitions archive

'Edinburgh11': March 2016


  Edinburgh Sculpture Workshops is one of the leading art centres in Scotland and the UK; a Sculpture Centre and Creative Laboratory; purpose-built to provide the best working environment for artists. ESW houses a large studio community, specialist workshops, artist residencies and production spaces and areas for exhibition. They are committed to being a space for public engagement and learning as well as a support network for their artists.

Since last year, we at Ebor have developed a relationship with the artists from Edinburgh Sculpture Workshops. Now, for the first time, we welcome 11 of their artists into our building and introduce their work to the audience of Greater Manchester.

The art works shown will engage with found objects and ‘undecipherable artefacts‘. The artists use objects, sculpture, installation, performance, photography, film and drawing. They explore human intuition and use experimentation to develop or understand human relationships with objects, material and space. Involved will be references to the Greek myth of Narcissus and writings of Gaston Bachelard.

The exhibition will open at 9am on Sunday 13th March with a chance to meet all the artists involved. The exhibition will close with a farwell to the Edinburgh artists at 4pm.

Edinburgh Artists:

Despina Nissiriou
Elizabeth A. Hodson
Emma Pratt
Kjersti Sletteland
Sarah Dale
Ian McPhail
Paulina Sandberg
Chloe Windsor
Alejandro Lopez
Duncan Robertson

This will also be a chance to see works and studio spaces from Ebor’s resident artists.

'On Reflection': August 2015

Rachael Elwell and Karen Lyons present a joint exhibition of recent drawings that draws attention to common threads and concerns in their work. Both artists concentrate on monochrome drawings made using highly detailed lines and patterns. Each artist has, over time, established individualised and systematic methodologies involving repetition or reflection. The resulting drawings ‘evolve’ rather than follow prescribed structures. They appear fluid and amorphous rather than fixed or static.

Natural phenomena has been a source of reference for both artists and although the images are in the main abstract, influences from landscape, rocks, animal forms can be recognised. Rachael has studied the construction of minerals and the broader landscape. Karen’s work takes influence from rocks, animal structures and plant life.

For both artists their creativity is spurned by an imaginative process that is a tenacious, obsessive engagement with mark making using pencil or ink.

Opening: 22nd and 23rd of August, from 10-4pm.

Mixed Media Textiles - Sue Dunbar: 2nd - 28th October 2011

"My textile pieces re-create a sense of a passing in time as a series of layers, some of which obscure, some of which reveal and celebrate their material and visual features. The works are made using free machine and hand embroidery, bonda-web printing and gesso overlay all of which result in a build up of a surface which reproduces a sense of accumulation and decay."

Ebor Open Studio Exhibition: 3rd-4th September 2011

Ebor Studio now hosts studio spaces for 9 artists working in a diverse range of media and processes from glass making to sculpture, installation, sound, public art and performance, fibre work,  contemporary drawing and painting!

As part of the Littleborough Arts Festival 2011, Ebor Studio is opening its doors to the public and showcasing the activity and vibrancy of work taking place by the artist who permanently work from the studios. This is an opportunity to meet the artists and view individual studio spaces where their work is created.

Ebor Academy Summer Exhibition: 24th - 29th July 2011

Artists who have attended classes at Ebor Studio throughout the year are showcasing a selection of works including drawings, paintings, life drawing, fibre art and sculpture.

Terra cruda, Terra Cotta: 21st May 2011

Ebor studios recently played host to over 30 students and staff from The School of Art and Design at Salford University, Accademia di Bellle Arti Macerata, Italy and the University of Art and Design in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

They were all participating in the final leg of the European intensive program Terra cruda, Terra Cotta (raw earth, cooked earth).

As part of the experience, the students were invited to the Littleborough studios to participate in the ritual building of two paper kilns. The kilns were wood fueled with an outer shell built up with layers of newspaper and liquid clay slip. They contained some of the experimental maquettes produced by the students in response to the project brief.

The day concluded with the ceremonial firings of the kilns and a series of Pecha Kucha artists presentations from some of the talented international artists involved in the program.

Tim Dunbar - Working with/as History: 10th April 2011

Working with/as History is a project that uses drawings, small paintings and written texts produced between March 2009 and September 2010 to explore the notion of Re-Representation.

Re-Representation describes the ways in which we reveal our experiences of art works (mainly paintings) as a number of layers of encounters that include a direct encounter with the work and any number of indirect encounters that include postcard images or stills recorded from television documentaries. Works also demonstrate a growing fascination with the capacity of perspective to notionally locate the viewing subject.